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At dynoAcademy, we offer flexible self-paced courses taught by qualified instructors. Our expertly curated courses are designed to help you advance your knowledge and skills in your chosen field.

Advance Your Knowledge with Expertly Curated Courses

At dynoAcademy, we offer high-quality courses taught by qualified instructors. Our courses are designed to help you advance your knowledge and skills.

Learn on Your Own Time and Make Progress Every Day

With dynoAcademy, you can learn at your own pace with the support of expert instructors. Our self-paced course format allows you to make progress towards your learning goals each day.

At dynoAcademy, our mission is to make education accessible to every learner in Nepal, so that they can reach their full potential. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers of cost and location, so that every learner has the opportunity to succeed.


Available Courses

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ReactJS In Nepali: Learn Frontend development with ReactJS

1,333 + enrolled
रु‎ 1,200
रु‎ 8,250

HTML, CSS & JS in Nepali: Learn the basics of web development

1,101 + enrolled
रु‎ 999
रु‎ 5,000

NodeJS in Nepali: Backend development with NodeJS, Express & MongoDB

117 + enrolled
रु‎ 1,500
रु‎ 9,000

dynoAcademy is a platform for accessible, affordable, and interactive e-learning courses on a variety of subjects. Our mission is to make education accessible to students throughout Nepal. Our courses are developed by industry professionals and taught by highly qualified instructors, ensuring that you receive the highest quality learning experience possible.

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